Ural State Mining University

620144, 30, Kuibyshev Street, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Phone: (343) 257-25-47, 257-22-27

Official site: http://www.ursmu.ru/

Адрес: 620144, Свердловская обл., г. Екатеринбург, ул. Куйбышева, д.30
Телефон: +7 (343) 257-25-47
Телефон/факс: +7 (343) 251-48-38

Электронная почта: office@ursmu.ru
Официальный сайт: www.ursmu.ru


Исполняющий обязанности ректора, доктор экономических наук

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11 March 2014
Mining University Chess Player is the First at an International Tournament in France
Sophomore of the Mining University, Ivan Bukavshin, international grandmaster, won the main tournament of the XII International Chess Festival «Meurthe ...
04 March 2014
Visitors from the U.S. Came to Gain Experience from the Testing Center for Immigrants
A delegation of American interns from the University of Chicago, Illinois visited the Mining University. The guests are concerned with ...
18 February 2014
Miners-Powerlifters Continue to Collect Awards
In Yekaterinburg, took place Eastern European Powerlifting Championship. The competition was attended by over 400 athletes from different regions of ...
17 February 2014
Faculty that got most Valentines
Ural Mining University students once again decided to measure love on St. Valentine's Day. Last year, they counted it, now ...
13 February 2014
USMU Now Skis
Mining University xtudents have traditionally participated in the mass ski race "Russian Ski Track". Ski racing amateurs overcame a symbolic ...
10 February 2014
BEST Students from Europe at the Mining University
Master classes for foreign students were held in the Mining University. The students came to Yekaterinburg within BEST program, an ...
30 January 2014
Miner’s Safety is in the Hand of young Scientist
Senior Lecturer of the Automation and Computer Technology Department, Anna Alexandrova, became the winner of the Sverdlovsk region Governor’s Award. ...
29 January 2014
Mayakovsky Days in Sverdlovsk
86 years ago Ivan Yegarmin, Sverdlovsk journalist, recalled on the pages of "Ural worker" how he accompanied Mayakovsky from the ...
16 January 2014
Mining University Was “Charged” with Prosperity for a Year
New Year celebrations are still here! On January 15, at the Mining University, took place Ukrainian Christmas concert in honor ...
10 January 2014
Expedition was leaded by Anna Krylevskaya
Krylevskaya Anna, who grew up in a miner's family (her father is a geophysicist, and her mother is a hydrogeologist). ...
31 December 2013
USMU Innovative Educational Programs Were Well Received at Oxford
On December 19, Oxford Summit of Leaders «Science and Education» finished. This is annual forum for scientists, investors and rectors ...
27 November 2013
Learn journalism in the tundra!
Mining University journalists returned from extreme trip. The main media event of the year took place on the Yamal Peninsula ...